Виу-Витсу (viu_vitsu) wrote,

Просто понравилось - спасибо, Тигра!

Before she met me she took herself to wait five years
After I met her, her teacher said best wait five years
I ask my neighbors, they said it's wise to wait five years

I say fever

I tell the friend how I'm feeling and this made her sad
Cause she fears that no man will ever desire her so bad
How dare I feel this and do not but sit on my hands

I say fever

Ow(n)ed my heart like a hot potato
Push the clock for an hour later

This is just to code to decipher
Found the plowman chased the piper

That is up to you
That's all now
These are the one's who talk

Never (leki - lucky?)
Needs her to kiss him

(To close) five years go by and we are no longer here
I blame myself to for not taking steps to draw her near
Try to decide what to do now based on love not fear

I say fever

Fo(u)r years
Tags: музыка
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Мне всё чаще приходит в голову сравнение между людьми и планетами. Если представить каждого из нас неким небесным телом, появляются довольно занятные ассоциации. К кому-то в определённые моменты жизни мы приближаемся, выстраиваясь на одну линию, чувствуя более сильное притяжение, а потом, следуя…
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